Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj

Our company can offer a wide variety of services and engineering monitoring at any project realization stage of vertical mine shafts and other underground mining using special sinking methods or traditional methods, including the full range of geotechnical investigation (arrangement of laboratory testing of rock mechanics in frozen and usual condition in Bochum city when required), project and working documentation development, construction/installation activities. LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj” core activities
  • Project and working documentation development for vertical shaft sinking in different mining and geological conditions (including special methods usage: squeeze cementing)
  • Drilling of freezing holes and terrain freezing for further vertical shafts building or horizontal mine openings
  • Sinking and setting of vertical and inclined shafts
  • Shafts equipping technological pipes and wires installation and armoring
  • Reconstruction, sanitation and shaft recovery
  • Vertical working by method of upward drilling of pilot bore
Providing full engineering support of shafts building and reconstruction projects.