Realization of the Ust-Jajwa project

Film 1. General data on Ust-Jaiwa Mine construction. Site opening.

Film 2. Construction of foundation pit and installation of slurry wall.

Film 3. Drilling of freeze holes.

Film 4. Construction of headgear foundation and filling of foundation pit.

Film 5. Construction of headgear foundation, mounting of equipment on compressor station, construction of temporary workshop and tubbings warehouse.

Film 6. Execution of concrete works, completing of holes drilling at shaft #2. Innovation – bentomat layer.

Film 7. Technology of holes drilling and mounting of freeze column.

Film 8. Test freezing of shaft and mounting of work stage.

Film 9. Preparation for sinking of pre-sink at shaft #1. Concrete works at shaft #2.

Film 10. Shaft pre-sink.

Film 11. Shaft 1. Start of Sinking.

Film 12. Start of Drilling and Blasting Operations. Sinking of Shaft 1

Film 13. Continue of sinking of Shaft 1. Construction of tubings warehouse and hoist-house.

Film 14. Sinking of Shaft 1 and Shaft 2. How concrete plant operates?

Film 15. Labor protection and industrial safety

Film 16. Structure of LLC "Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj"

Film 17. Tubbing ring

Film 18. Grouting

Film 19. 2014 — Results of the Year

Film 20. Results of 1st quarter 2015

Film 21. Water seal ring and picotage joint

Film 22. Tubbing Installation

Film 23. Results of 2015