Company information

LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj" is a subsidiary to german mining company «DEILMANN-HANIEL GmbH»”, which is subsidiary to international corporate group «DEILMANN-HANIEL International mining and tunneling GmbH (DHI)».

The subsidiary company LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj” is founded in 2008 and is located in Berezniki, Perm region.

«Deilmann-Haniel International» includes:

  • Deilmann-Haniel GMBH
  • J.S. Redpath Holdings Inc.
Special mining machinery and equipment manufacture:
  • Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH

The main production capacities of ООО «Deilmann Haniel Schachtostroj» are located in Dortmund (Germany).

The production facilities of Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH is also located in Dortmund. The equipment produced at Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH is used in underground mining workings and shaft sinking (sinking winch, tunneling machines, boring rigs, grabbers, mobile loaders, traveling forms, concrete kibbles, etc.)

The total amount of personnel and technical engineering personnel of «DEILMANN-HANIEL GmbH» and «Deilmann Haniel Schachtostroj» is 300 people.

The total amount of specialist and technical engineering personnel of «DEILMANN-HANIEL International mining and tunneling GmbH» is 4500 people.

For the whole period of its existence since 1888 Deilmann-Haniel performed a large amount of mining projects in western Europe and all around the world. Over 500 vertical shafts were build and 190 of them by special technology of rock freezing.

LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj” has all the permissions for works, that influences construction projects (including high consequence facilities, Hi-tech or unique objects, paragraph 48.1 of Building code of Russia), licenses and certificates.