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We design, sink and rehabilitate shafts.

Any mineral. Any geology. Anywhere.

Company information

LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj" is a subsidiary of the German mining company «REDPATH DEILMANN GmbH»”, which is part of the Canadian Redpath Group.

The subsidiary company LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj” was founded in 2008 and is located in Berezniki, Perm region. The Company has a branch office in the city of Perm.

The total amount of the parent company «REDPATH DEILMANN GmbH» with its subsidiaries is more than 800 employees.

The total amount of professional, engineering – technical and operational personnel of Redpath Group is over 8000 employees.

Since 1888 REDPATH DEILMANN GmbH has implemented many large shaft projects in Western Europe and all over the world. More than 550 shafts have been sunk, almost 200 of them with the freezing method.

LLC “Deilmann-Haniel Schachtostroj” has all the licenses for works, that influences construction projects (including particularly dangerous, technically complicated and unique objects, 48.1 of the RF City Planning Code), permits and certificates: